Who runs OOTW?

OUT OF THIS WORLD is an idea by Charlotte Chester. 
Charlotte's brother, Alex has lived in Sheffield for about 8 years. He attended Freeman College and then went on to live independently in the city.
Alex is fantastic! He volunteers at various places, continues to study and is a brilliant friend. 
Just like the rest of us, Alex finds the world of dating stressful, but some of his difficulties add a whole extra layer of stress! Trying to have a conversation in a noisy bar can be impossible. Some social conventions create extra confusion. Being chaperoned by your dad because you don't know the route yet is a bit cringe. And finding someone who loves Dr Who as much as he does can be a challenge!
This event is a chance for people like Alex to socialise, with some of those added stressors removed. After all, flirting is already difficult enough!  
Contact me via the messaging form on the home page with any questions 

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