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Does the world of dating seem complicated and full of difficulties? Tired of people giving you labels? Ever feel like you come from a different planet? Come to...
when is it?  29th May 2019 - 7:30 - 9:30 pm
what is it? OUT OF THIS WORLD is an evening event for single people to meet each other.
There will be activities and a quiz to help you get to know people. You might find new friends, romance, or even come first in the quiz! 
Suitable for people with mild to moderate learning difficulties.
Autistic spectrum/epilepsy/allergy friendly. Everyone should have the chance to be in a relationship!
where is it? Channing Hall, 45 Surrey Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2LG
For information about the venue click below
how do I get tickets? Tickets are FREE.
OUT OF THIS WORLD is mostly for people aged between 25 and 35, so please contact us before booking a ticket if you aren’t in that age group.
If someone is bringing you, there will be a separate space where they can wait and have a drink without cramping your style!
who is organising this event? click             for information about who we are
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